Regional Rheumatology Associates

Photo portrait of Doctors Thomas J. Oven (MD, FACP) and Paul A. Dura (MD) Photo portrait of Aspen D'Angelo, RPA-C

Recent news

Effective 7/1/11 Regional Rheumatology Associates will no longer participate with Touchstone Health.

Who we are

Thomas J. Oven, MD, FACP
Board Certified in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology
Paul A. Dura, MD, FACP
Board Certified and recertified in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology
Aspen D'Angelo, RPA-C

Our mission

We act as consultants to primary care providers; our efforts are focused on the evaluation and tratment of rheumatologic problems. Our mission is to provide the finest quality in comprehensive, state of the art rheumatology services to enhance the quality and function of our patients' lives and minimize pain, in a timely fashion.